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Geolidays is a very innovative website for its visitors. Using last web technologies (Ajax, Google Maps, Mashup...), you may visualize the place you wish to visit as if you were there due to satellite imagery and maps! All accommodations are included in those images ( camp-sites, lodgings and rooms of hosts, hotels) but also the places of visit (museums, castles, monuments, zoos) and for your leisure time (parks of attractions...).

Is there a better way to benefit from your weekend and your holidays?

After last update (November 10, 2007), the data base of Geolidays included:

We regularly work on the improvement of Geolidays and its data base. Visit us frequently to see the improvements!

You can also help us:

  • By announcing an error on the map. For that, click on the link "[Correction]" located on the right, opposite of the name of the place.
  • By proposing a new address you know not referred by Geolidays. For that click on the link "Submit an address" at the foot of the page.

Thank you for your visit, and good strolls on Geolidays!

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